Tuesday, August 9, 2016

‘If You Fly, We Can’t!’ PSA Now Available for Distribution

Wildfires are often fast-spreading and unpredictable making it difficult for ground crews to navigate alone. This is why firefighting aircraft are an integral part of fire suppression.

However, aircraft cannot be used to fight fire if UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), more commonly known as drones, are detected above or within a 5-mile radius of a wildfire. Both UAS and firefighting aircraft fly at low altitudes creating the potential for a mid-air collision which can injure or kill firefighters in the sky, crews on the ground, and the neighboring public.

This dangerous situation is why we ground all aircraft until UAS are removed from a wildfire. While aircraft is suspended, wildfires have the capacity to grow larger threatening more lives and property.

Please join ODF Southwest Oregon District in sharing our message: ‘If you fly, we can't!’ Together, we can keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe allowing us to attack and suppress wildfires faster than if we worked alone.

Below is the link to our PSA and our Facebook page where the message is currently posted. Please share it on all platforms so that we may educate everyone on keeping drones away from wildfires.

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