Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ODF Southwest Oregon District Evening Fire Update

The thunderstorms early this morning started 16 fires on ODF’s Medford Unit and 5 fires on the Grants Pass Unit. The largest fires are:
  • Rosebud, approx. 15 acres
  • Left Fork Foots Creek, 5 acres
  • South Fork Little Butte Creek, 4 acres
  • Jump Off Joe Creek, 2 acres
  • Wards Creek, 1 acre
The rest of the fires are 1 acre in size or smaller; most are smaller than 1/10th of an acre. The Rosebud Fire (photo below), located 5 miles south of Pinehurst in the Soda Mountain Wilderness, has had helicopters dropping water on it for most of the afternoon, and crews are working their way in by foot and by helicopter shuttle. No engine access. 

The Left Fork Foots Creek Fire is burning in heavy fuel and helicopters have been dropping buckets of water onto hot spots for much of the afternoon. A bulldozer has been constructing fire line.

The South Fork Little Butte Creek Fire is also a walk-in fire, and helicopters with buckets have been supporting firefighters on the ground.

All of the fires 1 acre in size and smaller have been lined and the fires 1/10th of an acre and smaller have been 100 percent mopped up.

A reconnaissance plane has been flying the district all day and another flight is planned for Wednesday.