Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Financial Assistance Available in SW Jackson County for Wildfire Abatement Projects

The Oregon Department of Forestry is helping eligible residents in the Bear Creek and Applegate River valleys with fire hazard fuel reduction projects. Landowners who live near the areas listed below are encouraged to call (541) 664-3328 to schedule a free/no obligation property assessment. Eligible projects are usually within the 1-5 acre range and are paid at a rate of $500 per acre of work.

In order to qualify for these cost-share grants, a landowner/agent needs to contact ODF to schedule an appointment, agree to the area and project parameters, and complete the work. Once the project is finished and the project area passes final inspection, the landowner/agent will receive a check in the mail. The landowner/agent is responsible for completion of the project, whether they perform the work themselves or hire it out. All projects are paid on a rebate basis and funds will only be awarded after the completion of identified projects.

Grants are available in the following areas:

Wagner Creek Road – Anderson Creek Road
Pioneer Road – Coleman Creek Road – Griffin Creek Road
South Stage Road – Parts of Jacksonville
Sterling Creek Road
West Griffin Creek Road – Poorman Creek Road
Highway 238 from Jacksonville to Provolt
China Gulch Road – Forest Creek Road
Upper Applegate Road from Ruch to Little Applegate Road
Hamilton Road Area
Thompson Creek Road – Humbug Creek Road
North Applegate Road from Applegate to Kubli Road

If landowners outside of the grant areas are interested in having a free/no obligation property assessment with regard to wildland fire safety, they are also encouraged to call (541) 664-3328.

The Oregon Department of Forestry has a small budget available to help rural neighborhoods to become accredited as a Firewise Community. Residents in Jackson County that live near areas of potential wildfire risk and would like to learn more about becoming a Firewise Community are encouraged to call (541) 664-3328 or visit Firewise online.

For more information about the fuel-reduction grant program, and to schedule a free on-site fire risk assessment, call Derick Price at ODF’s Medford office, (541) 664-3328.