Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Update on Beaver Complex

A published update will be out later this evening.  Fast Facts re: tonight's update -

  • Oregon Gulch - Two distinctive columns today (one in north/one in south) both pushing east.  Current mapping shows just under 11,000 acres, so our estimate of 11,000 acres still valid.  We will have a more accurate number in the morning after an infrared flight tonight.  5% contained.  CalFire and OSFM Blue Team actively engaged in fire management with ODF.
  • Salt Creek Fire - looking good.  Line construction around the fire should be complete tonight.  30% contained.  108 acres.
  • One home has been confirmed as destroyed in the Oregon Gulch Fire. Level 3 evacuation level still in place for Copco Rd area.
  • 170 homes affected by a Level 1 "Get ready" evacuation alert along Highway 66.
  • One lookout personnel evacuated due to threat from Oregon Gulch Fire.
  • California residents that may be affected by Oregon Gulch can call their fire information number at (530) 842-2266.
Again, official update will be out later tonight.


Beaver Complex Fire Information