Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Helicopters Hammer Old Blue Mtn Fire

An endless parade of helicopters carrying large buckets of water dumped their loads from early morning until nearly nightfall on the Old Blue Mountain Fire today. Plenty of mop-up still needs be done, and a segment of fire line remains to be built, but the fire is considerably less fiery and smoky this evening than on Monday night.

The size of the Old Blue Mountain Fire has been revised upward to 99 acres, a product of more accurate mapping. The fire did not significantly increase in size today. Eighty-five percent of the fire line has been completed and the fire is 30 percent contained.

A full night shift will strive to connect the open sections of fire line, continue running hoses around the perimeter, and mop-up hot spots near to the fire line.

A Level 1 evacuation alert remains in effect on the left fork of Humbug Creek Rd and the unpaved section of the main fork of Humbug Creek Rd (starting from address 2542). Also, the right fork of Foots Creek Rd remains closed around the 4-mile mark except to residents and fire-related traffic.