Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eight Lightning Fires Found on SWO District

[ Updated 12:11 p.m. ] A Level 1 evacuation alert has been issued for all homes on the left fork of Humbug Creek Rd., and homes on the dirt portion of the main fork of Humbug Creek Rd. (addresses 2542 and above). Residents are being notified by phone trees activated by Applegate Valley Fire District No. 9.

[ Updated 8:28 a.m. ] Old Blue Mountain Fire is estimated at 60 acres and has a fire line around 75 percent of the perimeter. A roadblock is in place on the Right Fork of Foots Creek Rd to restrict access to fire-related traffic. No evacuations have been requested.

Monday's thunderstorms sprayed lightning across the Siskiyou Mtns in southwest Jackson County and southeast Josephine County. Eight fires have been found so far, the largest of which is the 40-acre Old Blue Mountain Fire.

Here's the list of fires:
  • Sterling Creek, (T38S, R2W, Sec 20 NW, SE) 0.5 acre
  • Oregon Belle, (T38S, R3W, Sec 15) 0.1 acre
  • Dick George 989, (T40S, R7W, Sec 6, SE, SW) 0.01 acre
  • Ferris Gulch #1, (T38S, R4W, Sec 30, SE, NW) 0.1 acre
  • Ferris Gulch #2, (T38S, R5W, Sec 25, SE, NE) 1 acre
  • Grays Creek, (T37S, R4W, Sec 34, NE, NW) 0.1 acre
  • Little Sugar Loaf, (T39S, R5W, Sec 33, SE, SE) 0.75 acre
  • Old Blue Mountain, (T37S, R4W, Sec 34, NE, NW) 40 60 acres
The only fire not contained and in some stage of mop-up is the Old Blue Mountain Fire.

Reconnaissance flights take off at 8:00 a.m. to search for holdover fires.