Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reeves Creek Fire Being Mopped Up

Eleven fire suppression crews and eleven engines are grinding away this morning with mopping up the Reeves Creek Fire, located south of Selma and near Lake Selmac. The fire's size was revised to 204 acres due to fireline relocation -- using bulldozers to dig new firelines along the west flank so the lines are closer to the fire's edge. Firefighters are supported by five water tenders and two bulldozers; helicopters and air tankers are available, if needed.

The Level 1 evacuation advisory for the Wild Park Ln. area was lifted yesterday. The Reeves Creek Fire is 75 percent contained.

The objective for crews working on the fire today is to mop up all hot spots within 300 feet of the fireline.

A strike team of ODF engines that had been assigned to the Reeves Creek Fire yesterday, along with several inmate crews, have been assigned to lightning fire suppression duty in ODF's Medford Unit.