Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spotfire on the Big Windy Complex Puts Up A Lot of Smoke

A 15-acre spotfire along the north flank of the Big Windy Complex is putting up a lot of smoke today. The spotfire is in the the Anna Creek drainage, located on the north/northeast flank of the 24,253-acre wildfire complex that has been burning since late July.

The spotfire was not caused by burn-out operations that have been taking place during the past couple of days on the fire's west/southwest flank.

The spotfire is down in a deep, steep canyon that does not have a fireline. The area is too dangerous for crews to work in. However, most of the forest around the area in which the spotfire is burning was burned weeks ago.

Aircraft -- helicopters and an air tanker -- are dropping water and retardant on the spotfire to slow its advance.