Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Douglas Complex Contained

The Douglas Forest ProtectiveAssociation declared the Douglas Complex Fires 100 percent contained yesterday, Sept. 3.  The Type 3 Incident Command Team, led by DFPA, will remain in place to continue mop up operations, work on rehab projects, and patrol the fire lines.  One hundred and sixty-two firefighters remain assigned to the incident to complete these objectives. 
Despite the incident being fully contained, smoke from the interior of the fire will be visible until fall rains return and extinguish them.

The public is reminded that the Bureau of Land Management road closures around the Douglas Complex Fires remain in effect until September 10th.  At that time, the BLM will reassess the road closures and make adjustments as needed.  The road closures are in effect to provide safety to both firefighters and the general public while work continues in the area.