Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two Hundred Firefighters on Brimstone Fireline Tonight

Eight 20-person crews supported by engines and bulldozers are on the fireline of the 1,710-acre Brimstone Fire tonight. Their plan is to continue the job of rolling out and connecting hoselays, and doing some burning out of unburned fuel inside the fireline.

A 10-person Bureau of Land Management crew specifically tasked to conduct the burnout will assess the situation for favorable conditions before burning. The purpose of burning out is to significantly remove burnable material at a time of the firefighter's choosing, rather than if and when the wildfire makes a move toward the area.

Sixteen fire engines, four water tenders and two bulldozers are on hand to assist the crews with holding the Brimstone Fire inside the fireline, and with being at the ready should a spotfire be found outside the fireline.

No injuries have occurred on the Brimstone Fire. However, numerous firefighters have sought treatment for poison oak rashes.

The firefighters had a full supper before their night shift began, and will have breakfast in the morning after they finish. There's nothing better than a belly full of pancakes before bedtime.