Thursday, August 22, 2013

SW Oregon Firefighters Gear up for Thunderstorms

Oregon Dept. of Forestry firefighters in Jackson and Josephine counties are continuing to gear up for the predicted storms through this week. Although small amounts of moisture are expected with several of the storms, firefighters remain on extreme alert.

Oregon Department of Forestry’s Lighting tracking software confirms small clusters of lightning located in the Upper Applegate and Willow Lake areas from last night and this morning. Currently an ODF reconnaissance aircraft is in the air searching for smokes caused by confirmed lightning strikes that have made contact with the ground.      

The only fire that was on Oregon Department of Forestry protected lands was a tenth-acre fire near Butte Falls, 1 mile southwest of Big Butte Springs. Medford Unit engine crews distinguished the fire yesterday evening.

The fire danger level on all forestlands in southwest Oregon remains extreme, and thunderstorms are expected across the region through tomorrow.