Friday, August 2, 2013

Firelines Keep Brimstone in Check

More accurate mapping has changed the size of the Brimstone Fire to 2,218 acres. The fire is 25 percent contained, and 703 people are assigned to the fire suppression effort.

Nearly $5 million has been spent on fire suppression to this point.

A map of the Brimstone Fire is posted on InciWeb.

Hog Creek Rd and Quartz Creek Rd remain closed to everyone except residents of those areas and firefighters.

Tall snags in the northwest corner of the fire are a concern, primarily for firefighter safety but also because burning snags broadcast embers on the wind. They are being felled if they are safely accessible, but some of them are in very steep areas (nearly vertical) and are being monitored.

There were some spotfires late Thursday that occurred along the west and southeast flanks of the fire. The spotfires were caused by embers that drifted across the primary fireline, but the spotfires were contained before they neared the secondary fireline.

There is a secondary fireline in place that acts as a backup for the primary fireline. The secondary fireline doesn't completely encircle the fire, but has been in place for several days to double-wrap the fire on the northwest, west, south and southeast flanks.

Today, 15 20-person crews are on the fireline to continue strengthening the fireline and burn out unburned vegetation inside the fireline when necessary. The crews are supported by 13 fire engines, ten water tenders and four bulldozers. Up to eight helicopters are available for use should the firefighters need them for water drops, reconnaissance or other assistance.