Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Douglas Complex 79% Contained

Total Complex Size:   48,679 acres
Fires in the Complex:
  • Rabbit Fire: 23,952 acres
  • Dad’s Creek Fire: 24,428 acres
  • Farmer Gulch Fire: 249 acres
  • Misc small fires: 50 acres
Cause: Lightning on July 26
Containment:  79%
Expected Containment:  9-1-13
Crews and Equipment:
  • Crews: 25 Type 2
  • Helicopters:
    • 1 Type 1 (Heavy Lift)
    • 2 Type 2 (Medium Lift)
    • 3 Type 3 (Light)
  • Engines: 45
  • Dozers:12
  • Water Tenders: 13
  • Total personnel: 1,243
Night shift crews used infrared detectors to identify hot spots that were flagged for the day crews to extinguish.  Mop-up, patrol, and rehabilitation continued around the 127-mile perimeter of both fires. A helicopter equipped with mapping capabilities will fly “low and slow” over the fires today.
Full suppression of the Douglas Complex fires continues, even though some suppression resources may be released for assignment to wildfires elsewhere in the West.
Gusty 20 mph winds for the past two days tested fire lines in the southwest portion of the Dad’s Creek Fire, but no spot fires outside the fire perimeter were reported.  Crews continue to patrol and hold while extinguishing remaining hot spots.
The Rabbit Mountain and the Dad’s Creek fires are active fire areas and closed to the public due to firefighting traffic and dangerous debris rolling onto the roads.  BLM has posted signs and maps at road blocks. For more detailed information about the closure contact the BLM Districts in Roseburg at 541-440-4930 or Grants Pass at 541-471-6500. For website information and maps:

All evacuation levels have been lifted. 

To date, one cabin and two outbuildings were burned.  Twelve minor injuries and two minor vehicle accidents have been reported.