Sunday, July 28, 2013

Be Prepared

[ a message from Josephine County Emergency Management ]

The general public should be prepared to leave their residence if they live in areas near wildland fires. Property owners are advised to make preparations ahead of time to be prepared and minimize stress. This includes things like packing non-replaceable items of sentimental value, medications, clothing, etc in your car should you need to leave quickly. If evacuations are necessary, they will be coordinated by the local sheriff deputies, who are in contact with the fire management teams and fire operations personnel.

PLEASE cooperate with deputies or fire personnel who may be helping with evacuations, for your own personal safety.

Be prepared to be dealing with smoke for some time in the Rogue Valley.   There are multiple fires, including a large fire burning in Douglas County,  that is sending large amounts of smoke down into the Grants Pass area from the north.  Fires burning in the Illinois Valley have also impacted air quality in the Kerby, Selma and Cave Junction areas. 

Here's some information from a news release issued by the incident management team that is in charge of the Douglas Complex's fires' suppression:
"It is estimated that about 7,500 acres have been burned between all the fires. A majority of the fires in the Douglas Complex are located in the Cow Creek Canyon west of Glendale. In addition, a handful of fires in the Milo area are included in the Complex. The total number of fires is expected to decrease as several fires in close proximity to each other have burned together.
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